Upcoming Events

Cacao + Medicinal Mushroom Ceremony
During this 2.5 hour deep dive, we'll learn about the heart medicine of cacao and reishi mushroom, explore some of the ancient mythology surrounding cacao, and then dive into ceremony together. We serve very high quality, organic, ceremonial grade cacao from Central and South America and potent organic reishi mushroom extract. The ceremony will be held with sacred sound—drums, rattles, crystal singing bowls, flute, voice, and more.
March 29, 2:30-5:00
April 1, 6-8:30
Spring Circle, Sacred Portal Retreat
July 23-25, 2021 — Ashland City, TN
During this quiet and contemplative retreat, we will dive deeply into the art and practice of creating ceremonial space for ourselves and small groups, study the anatomy and mysteries of the sacrum and pelvic bowl, enjoy native plant walks, explore sacred time-keeping practices, and hone practical herbal medicine skills.
Candlelit Cacao + Medicinal Mushroom Ceremony
February 1, 2020 — Murfreesboro, TN
Transparent Heart Yoga, 5-7pm CST
October 25—27, 2019 

Awakening Intuitive Self Care is a three day Earth Medicine immersion designed to gently guide you back to the land and home to yourself. If you feel called to align your life more deeply with the natural rhythms of the earth, to foster nourishing habits with thoughtfully chosen foods and herbal medicine, to open the ears of your heart to the voice of the plants, to reconnect with your individual song and prayer, and to do all of this in gentle, supportive community, then this retreat is for you, dear one.

We will map our body's present location within the great Gaian map of seasonal and lunar circles, locating ourselves in this exact time and place. When we know where we are in the spiral, we can begin tracking our own unique rhythms in ways that bring insight, delight, and surprise.

We will journey together in the kitchen, initiating the Kitchen Witch within and learning delicious Ayurvedic recipes for gentle cleansing and soothing of the body and spirit. Together, we will ritually prepare ghee, a sacred healing food, and learn how to infuse this golden elixir with medicinal herbs and spices.

We will journey together into the forest and meet the community of plants growing around us. Entering into intentional silence, we will journey to meet a plant of our choosing and in doing so not only develop our intuitive skills, but also bring back medicine that we alone are asked to carry.

We will harvest, respectfully and with great care, plants with which to make an herbal body oil. This beautiful oil will be a part of our Ayurvedic abhygana practice.

We will fiercely honor, listen to, and give back to the spirits of the land on whose dwelling place this sacred work is conducted.

June 7—9, 2019 

Join Ali of Forest Folk Fungi and Lauren of @woodenspoonherbs for a weekend immersion in the mountains of Appalachia. We’ll convene in Hot Springs, North Carolina where we’ll take dips in wild water, hike up to gorgeous balds, mindfully harvest plants with which to make medicine, distill flower waters, soak in the hot springs and so much more.

Friday we’ll gather at the lodge and have some tea while we talk about why we’re all there. We’ll also go for a dip in the nearby river, before settling in and beginning the relaxation.

Saturday we’ll head up to Max Patch for a day of fun in the sun. We’ll make flower essences, go for a plant walk, and harvest St. John’s wort and yarrow to distill back at the lodge. In the evening, we’ll head to the hot springs themselves for a relaxing soak with new friends.

Sunday I’ll be sharing medicinal mushroom knowledge, and then Lauren will present a primer on distilling hydrosols and essential oils.
Price includes lodging and wonderful vegetarian meals, beginning with dinner on Friday and ending with lunch on Sunday. Rideshares may be available, please get in touch. The retreat is based at the historic Sunnybank Inn. Visit woodenspoonherbs.com to register.


June 21—23, 2017


Hot Springs NC ✨ Lauren Haynes (of Wooden Spoon Herbs) and Ali are co-facilitating an overnight retreat centered on honoring our relationships with the plants & fungi that grow around us. We'll be staying at the historic Sunnybank Inn, a bed and breakfast and hiker hostel along the AT.

Plans together include...
✔️hike to the top of Max Patch, a serene grassy bald (pictured here) that is home to many medicinal plant relations
✔️a class on Southern Folk Medicine (we're gonna determine our individual constitutions through the lens of this lineage!)
✔️discussion of the edible and medicinal mushrooms of the Southeast and safe foraging practices
✔️a kava chai ceremony to open our ❤️s
✔️an evening soak in the nearby hot springs
✔️morning tea ceremony
✔️plant meditations + exploring our intuition
✔️quiet alone time, if you'd like 🌟The space we want to hold for this weekend is open, relaxed, improvisational, and group-directed. We look forward to co-creating with all those who join! 🌟 Our weekend begins Friday evening and ends Sunday mid-morning. The sweet staff of the Inn provide us with six vegetarian meals over the course of the weekend. 🍉🌽 🌟 Call Sunnybank Inn at 828-622-7206 to register or visit link in profile for more info. There are often a limited number of scholarships available through Sunnybank.