Forest to Bottle Mushroom Extracts

Medicine of the Wild

As a company still dedicated to wildcrafting in a booming medicinal mushroom supplement industry, we do things a little differently. Rather than scaling up to lab-grown mushrooms, we are staying true to our roots in the forest by providing sunshine soaked, rain washed, wild fungi. Our foraging ethics mean that boutique-scale products of the highest quality are our end goal.

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Storied Remedies

Every batch of Forest Folk extract is tracked meticulously from forest to bottle. From a grandmother Red Oak to the bottle of Maitake Mushroom tincture in your hand, our customers are able to lean into a rich story that deepens their connection with wild wholeness. Together, we move beyond the language of functionality to the language of soul.

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Formulation is about harmony (all parts singing together) and synergy (the whole is greater than the sum of its parts). We study deeply with plants as well as fungi. Plants are masters at working within specific body systems and can help give direction to a formula. So instead of just taking lion’s mane, for example, we can add plants like rosemary to help direct both the function of the formula and its energetics.

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Interwoven Alchemy

Fungi are the archetypal midwives of the woodlands—they stand at the thresholds of birth and death, helping life transform into more life through their rot and decay processes and building of fertile soil. Networks of underground fungal mycelium connect individual trees over vast distances, helping plants exchange nutrients and information—communications so profound that we can only begin to grasp the underlying intelligence.

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Humble Harvests

Foraging responsibly is at the forefront of our minds, especially so when operating a business that asks the forest for her creations. A big part of being a responsible wildcrafter is really knowing the areas you’re visiting. That means returning year after year to the same places with attention and care—observing the lean years, the boons that the spring rains bring, what the drought 5 years ago was like, who else visits there, who else forages there, and on and on. This leads to intimacy with the land, friendship. We’ve chosen to stay small so that our business practices can remain true to these values, and when we source mushrooms from other folks, we make sure they are following a similar inner compass in their foraging or cultivation work.

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