About Forest Folk Fungi

At Forest Folk, we believe that nature possesses an innate intelligence that is both ancient and healing. As our ancestors, mushrooms are infused with this wisdom and can bring harmony to our lives. Just as the mycelial web connects and sustains entire ecosystems, so too can medicinal mushrooms and plants support our interconnected equilibrium.

We are located on 12 acres in eastern Tennessee in the foothills of Appalachia. In 2015 we heard the mycelial call and founded Forest Folk as a way of offering high quality medicinal mushroom and herbal creations to our community. With our business now growing to reach more people than ever before, we're thrilled and in deep gratitude for the unfolding journey.

We love the southeastern forests of Appalachia and have strict wildcrafting practices that value ecosystems over profit. You can read more about our foraging ethics here.



Always fruiting bodies, only

Crystalline solvent

Under pressure

Clean spirits