Morning Journey

Before dawn, waking into the quiet pool of your mind, stretching, brushing the curtain aside to peer into the darkness. The veils between the worlds feel most thin now, during this time when Logos is still slumbering and Imagination is given space. Slide your toes across the cool floor to find your drum and pull it back into bed with you. Place it on your belly and begin. Beat out a rhythm, slowly, and building, that will carry you down the roots of the ancient tree, Yggdrasil. Climbing, climbing down roots. The deepest ladder, the most intimate staircase, the spiral of your DNA. And then suddenly a room around you. The first of ten-thousand. The Wind Goddess is here, and the Wolf. "Yes," you agree with yourself, "I am making this up." And you continue on. Hello, dark panther. Hello, hummingbird. Hello, my lioness friend, my sister. Hello, hello. It is good to see you again. When the giant bear faces you and unfurls his long tongue, you recognize it as a bridge and step across.